Christine Keay
M.Sc., CP(c)

Christine is a Certified Prosthetist.  Christine jokes she came across the profession by chance, but it is kind of true. After questioning a Sports Psychology career, she did the top hit on Google for a career aptitude test. Although her first suggestion of a Hang Gliding instructor would have been fun, it did not seem like a career option. Also on that list were a dairy farmer and a grocery manager; mixed in was Prosthetics and Orthotics. Christine recalled two amputees who were members of the Canadian and American Junior National racquetball teams and how effortlessly they moved around the courts. Immediately she did her research on the profession and knew Prosthetics and Orthotics was the career she wanted to be in.

In her spare time, she plays racquetball. Christine is currently a member on the Canadian National Elite team. She has played racquetball for 23 years and has traveled to many countries representing Canada at the international level. When not playing racquetball, she enjoys adventuring on her bike in the summer, or spending time on a snowboard in the winter.

If you would like to contact Christine directly please email her at Christine@winpo.ca


U of R Kinesiology, Human Kinetics and Adapted Movement Science (2014) | BCIT P&O (2016) | McMasters M.Sc., Rehabilitation Science (2016) | Canadian Certified Prosthetist (2018)